The Calendar of Cultural Events in Iran

A huge number of cultural events are taking place in Iran around the year. Some of these events are local and only native people are instersted in participating in them. Others however, are held in an international scope, where tourists from around the world come to watch, such as Nowruz, Koshti Ba Chokhe, Yalda, Nakhl Gardani, etc. Most of these events are a part of Iranian intangible heritage and some of them have also been inscribed in the National List of Intangible Heritage. In this page, you can see and browse the cultural events taking place in Iran, both in national and international scopes. The calendar is organized according to Gorgean Calendar, so you can easily plan your visit to Iran accorindg to these events. 

Nowadays, planning and holding cultural events play the most important role in introducing and promoting the values and attractions of any country. Therefore, cultural events can serve as a medium to showcase the capacities of our country in the three areas of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts. We are fortunate that the incredible climate diversity, original and beautiful handicrafts, unique cuisine and souvenirs, attractive culture and subculture values, etc. has enabled Iran to provide and hold a wide range of cultural events each year. On the other hand, many tourists from around the world with various tastes are willing to travel to Iran. In case they are aware of the date, venue and content of these cultural events, they would be able to plan their trip and get the most out of their time in this country.  Given the importance of this fact, it is necessary to collect and develop a comprehensive cultural event that can delineate the future path in the triple area of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts. The endeavors of the Center for Public Relations and Information at MCTH in developing this calendar of the most important cultural events can help the planning and coherence of the activities and programs of the mentioned triple areas. We hope that everyone can use this inscription optimally and we would witness a doubled effort and collaboration among the employees of the ministry in holding these events.