February 2021



Event Title


Early February


Local Cuisine Festival


February 4th Khuzestan Seminar on the Role of Archeology on National Identity Ahwaz
February South Khorasan Nature Festival (on Astronomy) Tabas
February Sistan and Baloochestan Dohol Players Festival Sistan and Hamoon
February Yazd Fashion Festival Yazd
Late February Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad Snow Festival Kohgiluyeh and Boyerahmad


Local Cuisine Festival

Yazd\ Yazd\ Early February  

Level: National

This festival, which is for local and traditional rural and urban cuisine, is held in 3 sections: main dishes, appetizers and dairy products, sweets and desserts. Iran Zamin Local Cuisine Festival, with the aim of gathering different ethnic groups and identifying the cuisine of each region, will be open to the public in mid-February of this year at the Scientific and Applied Training Center for Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Yazd Province.

Seminar on the Role of Archeology on National Identity

Khoozestan\ Ahvaz\ February 4th

Level: National

Archeology, as one of the branches of anthropology, can play an important role in promoting the national identity of current societies. Also, one of the most important issues that are related to all elements of national identity in various ways, is the antique objects or material remnants of a particular nation with a specific script, language, history and geography that show the genius and perseverance of past generations and represents the oldest periods of the formation of the collective spirit and the antiquity of national identity. For this purpose, the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Khuzestan Province, in cooperation with the Deputy of Cultural Heritage, will hold a meeting with the same title on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the father of Iranian archeology (Ezatullah Neghaban) on February 4th.

Nature Festival (on Astronomy)

South Khorasasn\ Tabas\ February  

Level: National

This festival includes observing the stars using telescope devices and providing the necessary training by the Birjand Astronomical Society. Teaching the principles of desert tourism, 5 km long desert tour, camel riding, desert safari with two differential vehicles, tug-of-war game, reception with traditional food of the region as well as walking in Cheshmeh Morteza Ali hot spring valley of Khoro village in Tabas city will among the programs of the festival.

Dohol Players Festival

Sistan & Baloochestan\ Sistan & Hamoon\ February

Level: National

The festival will feature young musicians from Sistan and Baluchestan in differenc sections inclujding Dohol, Sorna, Doholak, Qichak, Benjo, Donli, Avaz and Tanburk. Dohol Players Festival will be held in Sistan and Hamoon cities with the approach of introducing the capacities and facilities of the region.

Fashion and Clothing Festival

Yazd\ Yazd\ February

Level: National

Fashion and clothing festival with the aim of introducing Iranian-Islamic clothing models, increasing and developing creativity and innovation in Iranian-Islamic fashion and clothing, creating interaction and synergy between designers, producers and suppliers, creating an atmosphere of cultural interaction with a focus on Iranian-Islamic clothing, and targeting new ideas are held in order to achieve the goals of Iranian society, lead students to design works based on Islamic principles and teachings, and lay the groundwork for entrepreneurship in three sections: women's clothing, design, and science.

Snow Festival

Kohgilouye & Boyerahmad\ Yasooj\ Late January

Level: National

The festival will be hosted by the city of Yasuj and with the participation of Bushehr, Khuzestan and Fars provinces at the Kakan ski slope. Kakan Snow Festival will host a variety of programs inducing winter sports competitions such as skiing, sculpture and sculpture, cooking local food suitable for the cold season and hunting for moments by cameramen and photographers. Introducing the tourism capacities of the province with emphasis on sports tourism, introducing traditions and handicrafts, creating economic mobility, creating a cheerful spirit and healthy competitions are among the goals of holding this regional festival.