Cultural Events of March in Iran (the dates may change for one day in different years)



Event Title 


March 5th to 8th Kermanshah Shabdiz Film Festival Kermanshah
March 16th Qazvin Product Prototyping Festival  Historic Monuments of Qazvin
Mid-March Sistan and Baloochestan ITB Festival and Exhibition Berlin, Germany
Mid-March Sistan and Baloochestan Fitur Exhibition Madrid, Spain
Mid-March Sistan and Baloochestan MITT Exhibition Moscow, Russia
Late March Hormozgan Sea Food and Marine Recreation Activities Exhibition Bandar-e Abbas
March 18th to April 3rd All Provinces Nowruz (Iranian New Year) Historic and Touristic Sites around the Country
Late March Tehran Annual Archeology Conference of Iran National Museum of Iran
March 27th Kermanshah The Festival of Kermanshah, the Nowruz Capital Tagh-e Bostan Historic Site
March 31st Sistan & Baloochestan The Festival of Reading Shahname Hamoon County

Product Prototyping Festival

Qazvin\ Historic Monuments of Qazvin\ March 16th  

Level: National

The General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Qazvin Province, in order to preserve the cultural heritage and valuable arts used in it, models the flagship products of handicraft museums and in order to create culture and promote the use of Packaging in the production of handicraft products has provided appropriate and standard packaging for the supply of products in this field. Prototyping of handicraft products is a very attractive and popular museum and in Qazvin province, prominent examples of museum works such as wooden combs, woolen socks, wooden boxes with lacquer and Afshari dishes have been selected and made with the cooperation of artists. This festival will be held in March of this year with the aim of introducing the handicrafts and traditional arts of the province to tourists and supporting the producer.

Shabdiz Film Festival

Kermanshah\ Kermanshah\ March 5th to 8th

Level: National

Shabdiz Film Festival will be held in three sections of film, screenplay and photo with the aim of supporting the production of short film, photo and screenplay from March 5th to 8th with the participation of artists from all over the country. Setting up specialized workshops and photo exhibitions sent to the festival secretariat is one of the side programs of Shabdiz Film Festival.


ITB Festival and Exhibition

Sistan & Baloochestan\ Berlin, Germany\ Mid-March

Level: International

Sistan and Baloochestan province will be introduced for the fifth consecutive year at the ITB Berlin International Tourism Exhibition in Germany. This exhibition is one of the most important tourism events in the world and will play an important role in increasing the demand for international tourists to the province. The Berlin ITB exhibition has paid a lot of attention to cultural tourism and this has provided a unique opportunity to introduce the cultural potential of Sistan and Baloochestan.

SeaFood and Marine Recreation Activities Exhibition

Hormozgan\ Bandar-e Abbas\ Late March

Level: National

Seafood and Marine Recreation exhibition is held with the aim of introducing Hormozgan province as the country's maritime tourism destination with a focus on seafood and local food and marine entertainment. Hormozgan province was introduced as the host of the country's seafood festival in the first meeting of the general managers of the country's provinces in 2019. In this conference, the capacities and facilities of the province in the field of maritime tourism will be exhibited.

Nowruz, the Iranian New Year 

31 Provinces/ Historic and Touristic Sites around the Country and Saadabad and Niavaran Cultural Centers/ March 18th to April 3rd

Level: National


According to the traditions and ceremonies of each province in Iran, this event starts at March 15th to April 3rd around the country and include ceremonies and ancient festivals as a way to welcome spring and showcase the lifestyle of native people in different regions, folklore music, handicrafts exhibitions and traditional cuisine.

Annual Archeology Conference of Iran 

Tehran / National Museum of Iran/ Late March

Level: International

The results of field activities of Iranian and foreign archeologists during the last years are investigated in this conference through several special meetings. In addition, during the opening ceremony and the special meetings, there is also an exhibition of archeology researches of the past year.

The Festival of Kermanshah, the Nowruz Capital

Kermanshah/ Tagh-e Bostan Historic Site/ March 27th        

Level: National

The Festival of “Kermanshah, the Nowruz Capital” is the result of several months of research and special meetings. This festival is a mutual and joint event, organized by the Provincial Government, the Office of Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Social Organization of Kermanshah Municipality that has been welcomed by the people. In this festival, the opening ceremony of which is going to be held in Tagh-e Bostan, some national and native groups would present Nowruz ceremonies and traditions in various historic and touristic sites around the city.

The Festival of Reading Shahname

Sistan & Baloochestan/ Hamoon County/ March 31st 

Level: National

Given the fact that Sistan is the birthplace of “reading Shahname”, this event is held annually at Khajeh Mountain site in Hamoon. Every year, a huge number of visitors attend the event and famous Shahname readers from around the country are invited to the ceremony.