November 2020




Event Title


November 5-8

Khuzestan Tourism Exhibition Ahwaz

Late October and Early November

South Khorasan Red Gold (Saffron) Festival Ghayen
Early November Lorestan People’s Culture Festival Golestan Garden, Falakol Aflaak Castle
Early November Golestan Moving Café’s Festival Gorgan
Early November Golestan Iranian People’s Culture Festival Gorgan
Early November Golestan Handicrafts Exhibition Gorgan International Exhibition, Gonbad Olympic Hall
Mid November Hormozgan Marine and Beach Festival Bandar-e Abbas
Mid November Hamedan Malayer Woodcarving Festival Malayer
Late November Ardabil Archeology Conference Mohaghegh Ardabili University Hall
Late November Fars Tourism Exhibition of Shiraz Shiraz Exhibition Center


Tourism Exhibition

Khouzestan\ Ahvaz\ November 5th – 8th

Level: National 

This exhibition will be held with the aim of introducing and identifying institutions, facilities, tourism activists as well as handicraft artists. Also, travel service offices throughout the province, non-governmental organizations active in the field of tourism, schools and educational institutions, hotels, craftsmen and handicraft artists will be actively present by setting up their own booths. An exhibition of photographs of the province's attractions and performances of traditional and local music along with ritual programs will be among the side programs of the exhibition.

Red Gold (Saffron) Festival

South khorasan\ Qaen\ Early November

Level: National

This festival is held simultaneously with the harvest of saffron and with the aim of introducing and identifying this product to the world and creating a platform for export, marketing and exchanging views in the fields of planting, growing and harvesting as well as new methods of planting saffron and examining the existing challenges. Holding photo exhibitions of traditional and local food, agricultural capabilities, visiting the largest factory for sorting saffron, performing local music, setting up a painting workshop for children, setting up reception stations for guests with saffron tea, decorating the city etc. will be among the side programs of this festival.

Ethnic People’s Culture Festival

Lorestan\ Gorgan International Exhibition, Gonbad Olympic Hall \ Early November

Level: National

The National Festival of "Ethnic Culture" is held in the cultural-historical complex of Qala-e-Falakol Aflak in Khorramabad, with the aim of preserving and reviving traditions, creating a spirit of joy and happiness among the people, introducing different ethnic cultures and introducing the province's tourist attractions. This festival will be held with the presence of other provinces of the country in the handicrafts sectors, holding a tour to introduce activists and offices of tourism services with the capacities and potentials of Lorestan tourism, black tents (Siah Chador), cooking local food and performing local music.


Mobile Cafés Festival

Golestan\ Gorgan\ Early November

Level: National

In order to develop tourism in Golestan province, the “Mobile Cafes Festival” will be held in Women's Park of Gorgan, located on Shahid Sayad Shirazi Boulevard. In this festival, which begins with fireworks and a war of joy, fast food and mobile beverage cars from different parts of the country will gather in Gorgan and serve the people from 6 pm to 12 pm.

Iran Zamin Ethnic Culture Festival

Golestan\ Gorgan\ Early November

Level: National

Iran Zamin Ethnic Culture Festival is held at Gorgan International Exhibition Center with the participation of artists from all over the country. The aim of this festival is to introduce the common roots of different ethnic groups in the geography of Iran and creating friendship and solidarity and strengthening ethnic unity among Iranian people. The festival includes handicrafts, traditional arts, souvenirs, traditional food, black tents (Siah Chador), nomadic pavilions and tourist target villages. Traditional and ritual music groups will also perform at the festival.

Handicrafts Exhibition

Golestan\ Gorgan\ Early November

Level: National

In this exhibition, handicraft artists from all over the country will exhibit their works. Ethnic music, black nomadic tents (Siah Chador) and pavilions of the Turkmen people, traditional food, and Iranian souvenirs are the side parts of this exhibition.

Marine and Beach Festival

Hormozgan\ Bandarabbas\ mid-November

Level: National

The National Marine Tourism Festival will be held in Bandar Abbas with the focus on maritime tourism and maritime and coastal recreation. Other national coastal provinces such as Bushehr, Khuzestan, Sistan and Baloochestan, Golestan, Mazandaran and Gilan will participate in this national festival. In addition, Yazd and Kerman provinces will introduce their attractions as neighboring provinces of Hormozgan. Considering that marine and beach tourism in the coastal cities and islands of Hormozgan province is the most important tourist attraction of this province, so holding the National Marine Tourism Festival in Bandar Abbas can play a very important role in introducing more of the province's maritime attractions and attracting more domestic as well as foreign tourists.

Malayer Woodcarving Festival       

Hameda\ Malayer\ mid-November

Level: National

The National City of Inlay (Woodcarving) is trying to be the best host for the lovers of this art and industry from all over Iran in order to hold the festival of inscribing inlay (the art of woodcarving) in the list of Iranian national intangible heritages. Malayer inlay was nationally registered in 1396 and this festival is a good excuse to improve the quality of these high quality handicrafts in our country and introduce it to domestic and foreign tourists as a step towards the global registration of Malayer inlay in UNESCO lists. The festival will also introduce historical and tourist attractions, souvenirs and other handicrafts of the province.

Archeology Conference

Ardebil\Mohaghegh Ardabili University Hall\ Late November

Level: National

This conference will be held in cooperation with the General Office of Cultural Heritage of Ardabil Province, Mohaghegh Ardabil University and the University of Applied Sciences. The study of Ardabil historical monuments, organizing plans and presenting reports on archeological excavations of the province's sites are among the general topics of this conference. Holding scientific conferences and communicating with other experts in this field can be effective in advancing the goals of the General Office of Cultural Heritage in the field of archeology and history.

Tourism Exhibition of Shiraz

Fars\ Shiraz\ Late November

Level: International

An exhibition on tourism, as one of the largest industries in the world, is held in Fars International Exhibitions Center in Shiraz. Activists in the field of tourism will participate in the exhibition with the activities of hotels, travel agencies, eco-tourism, leisure and tourism complexes, health tourism of medical centers, religious tourism, free tourism zones, schools and airline companies. On the sidelines of the exhibition, several conferences and workshops on various topics will be held, including hotel, e-tourism and health tourism training workshops, as well as some of the handicrafts of Fars province will be unveiled in this exhibition.