October 2020




Event Title


October 7

All Provinces

The 2nd National Festival of Shams and Rumi

Khoy, Shams Tomb

October 11


National Day of Persian Constitutional Revolution



Early October


International Conference of Safavid Studies

Sheikh Complex

Early October

North Khorasan

The 3rd National Festival and Exhibition of West Azarbaijan

International Exhibition Center of Urmia

Early October


National Festival of Iranian Pottage

Gavazang Recreational Complex



Movable Exhibition of Saadabad in East Azarbaijan

East Azarbaijan


World Children’s Day

31 Provinces\ Historic and Touristic Sites around the Country\ October 7-12, 2020

Level: National

During the “Children’s Week” in Iran, there are several festivals, exhibitions and workshops throughout the country on the subject of children and adolescence. The top formal institution taking part in these ceremonies is the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children. 

Hafiz National Day

Fars\ Hafezieh cultural-historical complex\ October 11, 2020

Level: National

The 24th celebration of Hafiz Memorial Day is held beside his temple is Shiraz to “investigate and criticize Hafizology workbook”. Recognizing the existing cultural products, research pathology, critique of practical offers to reach the optimum status are among the plans of this ceremony. During the peaks of corona virus spread, the center of Hafizology has produced some artistic pieces to help the society relaxation. These pieces which are a combination of music, calligraphy and Hafiz’s poetry and there are going to be more products like this on the following years.

Handicrafts and Souvenir Exhibition

Ilam\ Mehran\ Early October, 2020

 Level: National

The handicrafts and souvenir exhibition is held each year during Arbaee in Ilam, Mehran, Dehloran, Cherdawel, Iwan and Sirvan. The exhibition includes stalls presenting various local and traditional clothes, Kilims, stone decorative items, wood-carved items, pottery, knifes, organic honey and different traditional food and pastry of Ilam Province. 

Saffron Festival

North Khorasan\ Farouj\ Early October, 2020

Level: National

During the last few years, the Saffron Festival is held to introduce Farroj as the hub of saffron production on North Khorasan. Given the fact that Farooj County with near 2000 hectare fields is producing the highest amount of saffron in Khorasan, its market organization is of utmost importance, emphasized in the festival. In addition, improving the quality and quantity of saffron crop and introducing the product as the souvenir of Farooj are among the most important objectives of the festival.

International Desert Marathon in Lut Desert

Kerman\ Shahdad\ Early October, 2020

Level: International

The international desert ultramarathon of Lut Desert, Iran is held at the presence of managers, executive directors and police force of Kerman Province. Runners from Iran and other countries take part in this big marathon, which is held to introduce the capacities of this UNESCO Heritage attraction to people from around the world. The runners would run in some important parts of Shahdad Desert.

Tourist Fellow Conference

Golestan\ Gorgan\ Early October, 2020

Level: National

The “Tourist Fellow” program is launched in order to empower students in introducing natural and historical tourist attractions of their cities and is conducted according to the memorandum of understanding signed between MCTH and the Ministry of Education in Golestan Province. Students can then be the most successful tour guides for natural attractions and historical monuments of their cities and provinces. Using this rich capacity for tour guides in historic buildings and sites can lead to a revolution in tourism of Golestan Province.

Rock Climbing Festival

Kermanshah\ Bisotoun\ October 19-22, 2020

Level: International

The festival is held in collaboration with JHM Organization in France, the Federation of Mountain Climbing, Sports and Youth General Office and Mountain Climbing Association of Kermanshah Province in Bisotoun rocks. The climbing wall of Bisotoun is the 5th highest climbing wall in the world and the number one in Iran. With 1200 meters elevation, there are more than 100 climbing roots on the wall.

Adobe Architecture Conference

Khouzestan\ Ahvaz\ October 25th

Level: National

There is a scientific research meeting on the subject of adobe architecture in order to introduce a part of the scientific research done in Choghaznabil complex, which is the most important world heritage site in terms of study and research projects. The dissertations will be made for the monuments in the area.