September 2020



Event Title


September 26th 

All Provinces

World Tourism Day

All Provinces

September 28-29th

West Azarbaijan

6th International Conference of Shams and Rumi

Khoy, Shams Tomb



Tourism Week

31 Provinces\ Historic and Touristic Sites around the Country\ September 26, 2020

Level: National

Tourism Week is celebrated at the presence of tourism professionals in various meetings, workshops, handicrafts exhibitions, city tour, etc. in cooperation with tourism unions. During the events, top travel service companies, tourism media and tourism activists are appreciated.

6th International Conference of Shams and Rumi

West Azarbaijan\ Khoy\ September 28-29, 2020

Level: International

The 6th International Conference of Shams and Rumi is held in Khoy County, West Azarbaijan Province to investigate “Shams-e Tabrizi’s life and notions from historic, mystical and epistemological point of view and “Rumi’s life and notions from interdisciplinary research point of view”. There are several suggested subject for the conference including investigation of their articles, life and backgrounds, the tomb of Shams, their mystical and epistemological approaches, the social, political and cultural status of Iran in their time, their reformist ideas about religion, culture and society, and many other interdisciplinary subject.