Handicrafts Destinations in Iran

The vast land of Persia is home to many hand-made artefacts referred to as traditional crafts. Every region and even city has its own traditional crafts, many of which have been registered nationally as intangible heritages. Among them, one can refer to Lak Tarshi (a special type of wood carving), Termeh Bafi (a type of Iranian handwoven cloth), Toreutics (artistic metalworking), Persian rug and many more, the latter has also been registered in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

While many Iranian handicrafts are nationally produced and can be found all over the country, some of them are found in their best quality in a special region or city. So, it is important to know the handicrafts destination in Iran in order to be able to buy the best quality products with the best prices. Given the wide range of handicrafts produced by Iranian artists, every city has its own special crafts; for example, Yazd is famous for its Termeh, Tabriz for its handwoven Rugs, Malayer for its woodcarving, Sistan-o-Baloochestan for its embroidery, etc.

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