Displaying Historical and Cultural Monuments



1. Virtual display of museums and cultural and historical places of the country

2. Selling tickets for cultural-historical places

3. Providing audio guide to museums and cultural and historical places


Service Guide

Tourists can visit the e-ticket website or refer to the museums and buy the tickets.

Service are presented 24 hours a day at home in electronic method. For in-person services, the first six months of the year between 9 am and 7 pm and the second six months of the year between 8 am and 5 pm are the working hours and one can buy tickets by visiting the museum and cultural and historical sites.

The service will be completed and provided as soon as the ticket issuance process is completed.

How to request service

1- Visit

2- Visit the museum or cultural-historical places and buy tickets through the electronic kiosks

Provide a printed ticket issued at home or at a museum or cultural, historical site

This service is provided to the general public.

The amount will be transferred to the treasury account directly through the electronic portal during the transaction.

No special documents are required.

Steps to do the job

1- Visit, install Top application on mobile or visit the museum in person

2- Select the place to be visited

3- Electronic payment of the visit amount

4- Receive a printed ticket

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If one buy a ticket and do not print it, will the visitor be allowed to enter if you visit the museum or site?

Yes, the client receives a print out of his ticket by providing the tracking code that has been texted to him/her.


2. Is it possible to increase the number of places requested to visit the place if you buy at home?

Yes, this can be done by visiting the kiosks on site.


3. Is it possible to buy tickets in different parts of the world?

Yes, this is possible if you have the opportunity to buy in the Shetab network.


4. Where and how did the sale of e-tickets for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts begin?

This project started in 2013 in Tehran on a trial basis by the Center for Information Technology, Communication and Administrative Transformation as an executor and technical supervisor. Then, after consulting with various companies, finally in 2016 the project was seriously launched, first 4 headquarters in Tehran and then the rest of the country and important provinces of tourism destinations, including Fars, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd, etc. joined the system.


5. Has the sale of electronic tickets been launched in all places of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts?

By the end of October 2020, ticket sales have been launched in 209 points of the country as an integrated system, and by the end of December of this year, the rest of the places, which were about 33 points, will be launched.


6. Is there a site for buying tickets?

Yes, you can get a ticket by visiting


7. Is the mobile application intended for easier access of visitors?

Yes, due to the increasing spread of smartphones among members of the community and the need for this issue, the Top application by Parsian Electronic Commerce Company is selling tickets for visiting different tourism places.


8. How to buy tockets in person?

Different people can buy tickets at the desired place in two ways: from the sales stands prepared by the visitor himself and from the ticket office, which can be purchased by the ticket sales manager.


9. How satisfied the visitors have been from buying tickets electronically?

It is natural that every project is initially associated with challenges and ups and downs, but after launching in key provinces and solving problems related to the system, the level of satisfaction has increased significantly.


10. How satisfied are the tour leaders with the system?

Due to the fact that buying tickets in places has become very simple, these people themselves bought tickets for the desired tour and we had very good feedback from the tour leaders.


11. What about half-price and free tickets?

 Because these tickets require written permission and authentication, they are only available to visitors at the ticket office after going through the legal process.


12. What is the feedback of the integrated ticket sales system among the managers of the ministry?

Due to the need of the society to provide systems that people can do the desired work more easily, and also due to the development of e-government and obtaining instant statistics was very welcomed.


The Process of Buying Electronic Tickets