Tourism Destinations in Iran

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With an area of more than 1.6 square kilometers and located inside several different climatic regions, Iran is a vast land to explore. So, it is best to first know its most popular tourist destinations and then plan a detailed tour, visiting every corner on this magnificent and beautiful land.

Tehran, the capital city as well as the most populous one, should certainly be included in any travel plan to Iran. Beside its historic monuments, world-class museums and exiting playgrounds, Tehran has many natural and cultural attractions too. After that, one must try Isfahan, locally known as Nesf-e Jahan (meaning “half of the world”), with its outstanding, world-recognized architecture. Yazd, the first Iranian city to be inscribed in the UNESCO list of world heritage must not be moissed. The next tourist destination in the list is Shiraz, which beside the architecture mentioned for Isfahan, is a natural marvel located in the heart of a desert, speaking of which, for those who prefer the beauty and silence of a desert, there is Kerman, with Lut Deserst (Registered in UNESCO) and Shahdad Desert (the hottest spot on Earth) to visit in a trip to Iran.

South of Iran contains many tourist destinations, among them are Bandar Abbas, with beautiful beaches and handicrafts; Khuzestan Province, wherein is Shush, Shushtar, Tchogha Zanbil (all inscribed in UNESCO). However, if one prefers a cold weather with mountainous landscape, there is Kurdestan, Kermanshah and Azerbaijans. For a Meditrainian climate, travel to the North of Iran and enjoy the beauty of nature, the hospitality of people and of course the delicious cuisine.