Tourism Selected Areas

Tourism Selected Areas (TSAs) are a type of strategic plan developed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts to expand the touristic regions and attract more domestic, as well as foreign tourists from around the world. These areas are mostly located in historic, cultural and natural hubs of Iran and are selected with an eye on their potential in historic, cultural and natural backgrounds, their popularity among tourists, access roads as well as their infrastructures. Various types of accommodations have also been built or developed at the proximity of these areas in order to provide a wide range of price and quality for those who are willing to stay a couple of nights adjunct to the areas.

Up to now, more than 1168 TSAs have been identified around the country, which are registered and approved during Presidential tours. Of these, 242 have attracted investors and other ones are open for investigations. After approval, these areas are studied, budgeted and developed into touristic areas that attract many tourists each year. One example of such areas is Heiran Neck, announced as a TSA by the government. This area is a mountainous region with astonishing beauty and amazing natural landscapes. The investors of this TSA has installeda cable car and built a hotel (Hotel Parla), projects that have proved to be fruitful for them.

TSAs are good opportunities for those who are willing to investigate in Iran. With its tourism potentials all around its vast and diverse land, Iran can be a valuable and profitable target for investment in tourism section. On the map below, you can find the TSAs open for investment. However, if you just want to visit the ready TSAs, you can select “Visit TSAa” on the map.