General Platform for Travel Agencies


This platform is designed to mechanize all processes related to travel agencies ranging from permit application to uploading their periodic performance reports. In fact, all interactions of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization with travel agencies from the moment of permit application until their dissolution of the Office is carried out through this platform. In addition, ICHTO monitors the performance and service quality of travel agencies through this system.

Platform support unit for registration and logging inquiries (from 8 to 15:30): +9821-66582249

Deputy of Tourism phone number: +9821-66582168-9


Issuance of Licenses Related to Travel and Tourism Services Offices (Clause B)


1. Issuance or renewal of the license for travel and tourism services offices (clause b)

2. Modifying and changing the license of travel and tourism services offices (clause b)

3. Issuance of a letter of introduction for the tourist travel services office to other organizations

4. Monitoring the performance of the Tourism Travel Services Offices


Service Guide

Please refer to the system and read the instructions on the homepage.

The system is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From the beginning of registration, the applicant can complete the systemic form at any time, and there is no restriction in this regard. After completing the application, the issue will be notified via SMS along with email.

To submit a license application, you must register through the

Registration in the system is done online and as soon as the registration is announced via SMS and email to the applicant. All stages of the work process will be notified to the applicant as above.

Issuance of license B (touring) is announced based on the regulations for supervising the establishment and activity of travel, tourism, pilgrimage and tourism services offices, having the conditions stated in the mentioned regulations.

It should be noted that here is no charge for issuing and renewing licenses.


Steps to do the job

Registration in (comprehensive system of travel services offices) by mentioning the complete details of the applicant along with mobile number and email address and scanning all documents related to the applicant.

Registration in the system is 5 steps that the applicant must complete them during registration. The registration time for the applicant and the technical manager will be done simultaneously, after registration, a text message will be sent to the applicant. The follow-up process is done through the provincial administrations. Provincial offices review the applicant's application and after the initial approval by the province, the applicant is introduced to the Ministry of Health to determine the eligibility for protection and identification, then to continue the process of introducing the name and place and bank guarantee can apply through the system. And after presenting the bank guarantee and completing the work process, an exploitation license will be issued.


Required Documents

Required documents: 4 * 3 photo scan; copy of birth certificate (the first and last page); copy of ID card; copy of end-of-service card for men; resume in tourism field; technical documents; identity authentication and health documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a request to get a new password?

For the users who have already registered in the system, select “I forgot my password” in the mobile or email option, and confirm the 4-digit code that is sent, enter the code entry section, and then enter the password change section. Finally, a 7-digit optional password can be entered.


2. I have submitted my request, I also have a tracking code, but the province cannot see it?

Dear users, you must go to the last step of all your new requests and then click the option to confirm and send to the province to be included in the province cardboard. Therefore, the users whose request is in progress can enter “my requests” section and hit the “operation” option, then enter their request and select the option “confirm and send to the province”.


3- I have a request to change the CEO, but it is not possible to type when entering the name and surname?

The new CEO must register in the system as a new user and register all his/her documents and information in the system, but he/she must not send the new request; then, the previous CEO in his cardboard in the section “New requests” and request to change the CEO, national ID number and birth date of the new CEO and select the search option. Now, all the information of the new CEO will be placed in the desired fields, then select the option to confirm and send to the province.


4- How to register applicants for activities in the field of tour management (license clause b):

     - First, enter the comprehensive system of travel services offices and tour guides at and read the mentioned items carefully.

     - Then, scan the requested documents and upload them in the system.


5- How to register as a legal person or a natural person:

Applicants for a license under clause (b) or tour operator who have a minimum bachelor's degree and are related to tourism activities can register as a natural or legal person, but those who do not have at least a bachelor's degree and also have no "relevant work experience", can only register through legal person (company registration).


6- Is the registration of applicants electronically sufficient to obtain the license of clause "b"?

No. Applicants for a touring license (clause b) must, after registering in the system, make a copy of the required documents through notaries equal to the original and then deliver it to the Deputy of Tourism of the General Administration of the requested province as soon as possible.


7- How to enter the applicants for obtaining a tourist guide card:

   - First, through the user panel, select “register in the system”, and then proceed to register personal information and obtain "username" and "password".


8- Registration steps for tourism guide card applicants in the system:

After receiving the username and password, tourist guides will register and upload the required information and documents in the system, since the registration in the system is done for the first time, it is necessary only from the option "Self-declaration of help" " to be used. It should be noted that for the coming years, the issue of renewing the tour guide card will be done through the "renewal card" option.


9- Measures of the General Administration of the province after registering the information of the applicants for obtaining the tourist guide card:

The General Administration of the province, after reviewing the documents of the tourist guide applicants and in case there is no defect in the file, will "confirm" it in the system. On the other hand, after final approval by the Ministry of Tourism, this issue will be referred to the Office of Investigation and Cooperation located in the provincial administrations for issuance or renewal of the card.

It should be noted that applicants for a tourist guide card in the provinces that do not have an office for review and cooperation must apply to the Deputy Minister of Tourism to receive their card.


10- Deciding on people applying for a tourist guide card without a minimum bachelor's degree:

Applicants who have a degree below the bachelor's degree and intend to participate in the training courses of tour guides, must first submit their application through the Office of Education and Tourism Studies to discuss the issue in the High Commission of Tour Guides. It should be noted that the presence of the applicant in the commission is mandatory and his approval or disapproval is subject to the interview.


11- How to request people to complain about the performance of offices/travel and tourism service companies:

If a person is not satisfied with the way the services are provided by the offices/companies of travel and tourism services, they should prepare their complaint request and submit it to the provincial administration along with the necessary documents. The subject is investigated in the technical committee of the province and a preliminary verdict is issued. Now, if one of the parties to the lawsuit does not comply with the verdict, the subject will be referred to the provincial appeals committee.


12. When will the plaintiffs' case be sent to the High Commission?

This issue is while the dissatisfaction of one of the parties to the decision of the Technical Review Committee and the submission of the objection letter within the set deadline, the issue was submitted to the General Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation of Tourism Services for final review in the High Commission. Related to the stage of "pre-examination" and the other "submission of files to the meeting of the High Commission", the issue has been discussed and the votes issued are also binding.


13- What is the reason for referring some plaintiffs' complaints to juridical authorities?

If in some cases the plaintiff or the plaintiff alleges forgery of documents, or if the office/travel and tourism services company of the litigant has not obtained a license under clause "b" and or the operation license of the unit has been "suspended" or "revoked", the prosecution of the complaint is beyond the authority of the Ministry and the plaintiff must file his complaint through the competent judicial authorities.


The Process of Issuing Licenses Related to Travel and Tourism Services Offices (Clause B)